Sex Positive Influences

Sex Positive Influences Wanted

We’re looking for a new wave of taboo-breaking Insta accounts to spice up IG feeds all around the world. From menstruation to nipple freedom – a change is gonna come ūüėČ and we‚Äôre racking up a list of the sex-positive influencers to bring that change…

Job Title: Sex Positive Influencer

Location: Anywhere With Internet Access

Duration Of Contract: Subject To Popularity

Benefits: Subject To Popularity

Hours: Flexible (24/7)

We are searching for a well-connected Social Media Influencers to serve as our sex positive supporters. As an influencer you should devise highly appealing content and upon publication thereof, you should also monitor viewers’ feedback.

To ensure success as a Social Media Influencer, you should exhibit unwavering authenticity and thoughtfulness about our company’s vested interests. Ultimately, an exceptional Social Media Influencer should remain culturally literate and keenly responsive to feedback.

Social Media Influencer Responsibilities:

  • Scheduling content publications across platforms.
  • Crafting and editing pertinent content.
  • Covering all stipulated talking points.
  • Sharing highly visible links to our website.
  • Combing through your audience’s feedback to ascertain their insights.
  • Conveying authentic enthusiasm throughout each publication.

Social Media Influencer Requirements:

  • Self-starting, hardworking, ambitious and bright individual.
  • Personally motivated to do the best possible job.
  • Strong track record of retaining and growing popularity.
  • A strong understanding of the social media space.
  • An eye for design and aesthetic.
  • Ability to create compelling content.
  • Ability to engage/interact with an audience.
  • Knowledge of/expertise within our subject of products.
  • Excellent presentation skills, both written and deliverance.

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