Sex Position Guide

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Sex Position Guide

Have you found yourself stuck in doors over a rainy weekend? Or maybe you’re planning to rekindle the romance in the bedroom with your significant other during a staycation?

Download the free Sex Positions eBook from Durex now and discover some of our favourite ways to enjoy yourself in the bedroom. From positions ideal for first timers to those that are great for position-pros, this sex eBook will help you find which ones bring you and your partner the most pleasure. The eBook includes the following recommended sex positions and we’ve helpfully added our favourite accompanying sex toy for each position, enjoy!

Beginner Sex Position Guide

Intermediate Sex Position Guide

Expert Sex Position Guide

Whether you love a simple spoon or are feeling adventurous with the crouching dragon, download our free sex position guide now and delve into pleasure heaven, don’t forget to order your paired up sex toy to drive your pleasure into new worlds.

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