How to use a Butt Plug

How to use a Butt Plug

Okay, so the name isn’t exactly a turn on, but butt plugs really are worth a try if you’re open to some backdoor play.

These kinky sex toys can send your satisfaction levels skyrocketing. Whether you’re girl on guy, girl on girl, guy or guy, or getting off solo, insert and let the intense, back-bending orgasms begin.

Intrigued? Of course you are

Even if you are up for giving butt plugs a go, breaking into unknown territory can be a little daunting – but we’re here to help.

From picking out the perfect plug and lube to explaining how to use a butt plug safely, we’ve got every aspect of these amazing little toys covered.

What Does a Butt Plug Do?

First things first, what’s all the fuss with anal, anyway?

Well, other than the fact anal fun has always been taboo, which immediately makes it something to tick off your sex list, that whole area is jam-packed with nerve endings just waiting to be teased and touched.

Butt plugs are less about titillation and more about stimulation.

The thrill of popping one of these in is the feeling of fullness they bring. And because everyone has a hole, anyone can use a butt plug. They offer pleasure for everyone – whether you’re pleasing yourself or being pleasured…

Why Women Use Butt Plugs

Slip one of these things in and you’ll feel totally amazing. The push on the back of your vagina makes you feel tighter – great for your partner – while the sensations during orgasm are intense as you contract around it. You can even experience the thrill of double penetration with these toys.

How to Use a Male Butt Plug

We’ve all heard of the prostate, right? Well, butt plugs can hold the key to discovering this magical place. It sits just two to three inches up your back passage and, when reached by a butt plug, can throw your body into spasms. Known as the P-Spot, discover it with a butt plug and make your orgasms much more intense.

Luvero Range of Butt Plugs

Choosing A Butt Plug

Right, so you’re ready for some butt plug fun, but now what? With so many shapes and sizes to choose from, how do you even know where to start? Luckily we’re here to help! The trick with anal play is to always start small and work up. It can be a little uncomfortable at first if you’re not used to this type of penetration and that will only be made worse if you buy something that’s too big.

Our butt plug collection includes everything from your small standard silicone plugs to vibrating butt plugs and beyond. As we mentioned before, and we can’t stress this enough, the best piece of advice is to start small and work your way up. You don’t want to give yourself, or your partner, more than you or they can handle when you’re only a butt beginner.

Once you’re feeling confident with anal butt plug play, you can graduate on to different shapes and sizes.

Don’t Forget to Lube

Unlike vaginal sex, our back door doesn’t naturally lube up ready for action. The golden rule for any kind of anal play is lube and plenty of it.

We offer a range of silicone and water-based lubricants designed especially for anal, which are extra thick and long lasting to make play comfortable and pleasurable.

But before you grab your lube and get started it on there’s a few things you should know. While silicone lube is great as it doesn’t dry out and lets you go for longer, it can cause damage to silicone, latex or rubber plugs. So, we’d definitely recommend sticking to water-based lubes if you’re playing with a toy.

Yes, you’ll have to reapply more regularly, but it’s better than damaging your favourite plug. Plus, there’s plenty of fun to be had when lubing up.

How to Put in a Butt Plug

Now to the technical part. Well, it’s not too technical really. In fact, you should find it relatively simple if you follow a few basics.

As with any anal play, make sure you’ve had a chat about what you’re going to do first. No one wants a surprise visitor up there, no matter how good it feels! Only once all consenting parties are in agreement are you ready to begin.

Your body will be much more obliging if you’re you’ve engaged in some foreplay and are feeling nice and relaxed. Once you’re feeling nicely turned on, you’ll be ready to get going. You have two hands, so gently massaging your clitoris can help to make you feel relaxed as you get started.

Lube Up

We might sound like a broken record here, but this really is super important if you want to experience the full benefits of a butt plug. Now’s the time to apply plenty of it to the recipient.

Get in Position

The best positions for slipping it in are all fours, on your side (like being the little spoon), lying on your back with a pillow on your hips or flipped over on your front with a pillow underneath. Make sure you’re nice and comfortable, as this will make a big difference in keeping you relaxed and ready for penetration.

Take It Slow

Don’t forget to breathe. As an anal first timer, it will feel odd at first, so just ease it in slowly. If you feel pain or discomfort, stop, relax and try again. Once it’s fully in, just relax into it and enjoy the intense sensations.

Know Your Limits

Butt plugs can feel so good you might not want to take them out. But, as with any sex toy, don’t get too carried away.

In the beginning, you’ll probably only be able to handle a few minutes anyway, so ‘in-time’ won’t really be an issue. However, as you get more experienced and used to the sensations, you’ll probably want to extend the pleasure.

Start with 10 minutes first, then 20, then 30, up to as long as you can take… within reason. We recommend you don’t leave it in for any more than 2 to 3 hours without giving yourself a break.

Anal Play Aftercare

Anal action is about as intimate as it gets. So, after your first butt plug encounter with a partner, make sure you have a good chat about it afterwards. Talk about how it felt, what you did (and didn’t) like and whether it’s something you want to try again.

On a practical note, you should always consider hygiene when engaging in anal play, so give your plug a good clean after you’ve taken it out. We have a range of handy sex toy wipes and sprays for use during and post. Plus, you should also wash and disinfect them regularly to keep them clean.

So, there it is. Butt plugs, explained.

Now you’ve learned all you need to know about these fun little toys, it’s time to buy, insert and let the butt play begin – view all our butt plugs here.

Here’s some of our best selling butt plugs!

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